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Live Empowered! Conversation with Dr. Julie Lopez

Is it possible to rewire your brain? Today I host Dr. Julie Lopez - a speaker, master clinician, and the Founder of Viva Partnership, a mental health organization dedicated to sparking a mental health revolution. Her personal mission? To help build stronger leaders and organizations by empowering them with mental health truths that help them reach greater levels of performance excellence. When leaders understand and implement the power of mental health in their companies, everyone thrives. Making the invisible visible is part of that mission. Her core message—that you can thrive in business, love, and life—has moved her audiences to realize their ultimate potential and move aside the roadblocks that obstruct their greatest level of performance. By leveraging brain science, Dr. Julie loves to illuminate hidden pathways to increased excellence, empowering her audiences talk by talk. Have you ever found yourself puzzled by an inability to act on something important that seems logically within your reach? Do you notice that invisible barriers seem to keep you from making desired changes? Some of these roadblocks may seem minor, others insurmountable. Now you can get past them by hacking into the hidden regions of your mind that influence your daily life.

Dr. Julie Lopez with Adrian Sinclair

Dr. Julie Lopez offers valuable information on the neuropsychology surrounding implicit memory, the past experiences you can’t recall but which remain stored deep within your subconscious mind. In her book: "Live Empowered!" she provides a comprehensive primer on emerging brain- and body-based tools that can help you overcome what is holding you back.

As a human systems expert with a niche in performance enhancement, Dr. Julie works with individuals, teams, and organizations to feel empowered within their professional, personal, and relational realms. Due to her thorough understanding of how the body adapts and survives the stumbling blocks of life, Dr. Julie speaks and works with individuals and teams in a way that’s both effective and relatable.

Her clinical specialty is working with implicit memory (hidden, cellular memories) by utilizing advanced brain based therapies, including EMDR, Brainspotting, and Neurofeedback. After beginning her career as a systems engineer, she quickly gained an interest in viewing the human body as a system – specifically how humans store and deal with trauma in the body and the compulsions often developed to cope and adapt to trauma.